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"Ask a Parent" Resources

DPSN writes a regular column for the Orangeville Banner. Here are the latest columns.

What if we let our children suffer the natural consequences of their own actions? By believing they are capable, we give them the opportunity to learn that they are.

Chores for your Kids: The gift that keeps on givingChristmas may be the best time to get your kids pitching in around the house. December 2019.

Money Sense: The good news is it's never too late—or early— to start. Here are 6 helpful tips to teach your children good money management skills. November 2019.

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If you don't know what you're doing…you might be a good parent: Parenting practices change with every generation, culture and even child. October 2019.

You might be a good parent if…: DPSN takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to what makes a good parent. September 2019.

13 tips to help fight summertime boredom: Putting the fun in summertime boredom. July 2019.

Ten tips on how to manage mealtime madness: Balancing family time can be tough. June 2019.

How much screen time is too much?: What you can do to help your kids unplug and connect. May 2019.

"I hate you": What you can do to help your child manage big emotions. April 2019.

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How to amp up your teen or tween's excitement for a March break family vacation: A little preplanning and flexibility can go a long way to helping you make great new memories. March 2019.

Put the phone down: Don't forget the family in Family Day. February 2019.

Child-centered divorce: Set aside feelings about your ex and focus on what's best for your kids. February 2019.

Santa etiquette: Should I tell my kids the truth or play along? December 2018.

Don't burn out: Learn healthy coping skills to manage your busy family and yourself. November 2018.

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Now that it's legal, how do I talk to my kids about marijuana? Get informed about the risks of marijuana, and talk to your kids about them. October 2018.

How to drop the worry ball and help your children succeed: Letting our kids fall—and fail—may be better for them in the long run. October 2018.

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